Chrome – Browser That Lets You Do Everything

Chrome is known as the best browser you can use at the moment due to its speed. It has many features that will improve the way you browse the internet. It does take a lot of RAM to run it, but the result is superior to any other browser.

I am one of those people that use Chrome because it makes it easy to find documents I want. I pair it with Google search engine, as these two work in perfect synchronization. I also like Chrome because it allows an individual to experiment with adding various features or changing the existing ones. This diversity makes it possible to personalize the Chrome. This is why many people prefer it over other browsers; even though they need less RAM to run.

Experimental features you might want to try

Chrome offers many experimental features you can try out. Some of those will become standard options in the future, while some won’t. It’s up to you which one you will try. I found that it’s best to try all of them and then decide which one to keep and which to discard.

-Side tabs

You can change the location of Chrome tabs from top to side in all versions of Windows. It is one of the first features that Chrome offered, and it is still one of the favorite things. Setting it up is quite simple. You only need to open the feature list and enable the side tabs. You can try it out and discard it. If you find it to your liking, then you can accept it so it will stay like it in the future.

-Print preview

Google ChromeIf you are to check for this option in Chrome, then you will realize that it doesn’t exist. Standard Chrome doesn’t give you the opportunity to check the print preview. However, you can enable it in Chrome labs. The feature you add will allow you to see how the page will look once you print it. This is an important thing as you will see once you try it.

-Grouping tabs by context

This is a feature that isn’t as useful to many people as it is to bloggers and other individuals who work from home. If you are like me, then you will have to open several windows that will contain many tabs. This makes it hard to sort out those tabs. Grouping them by context or by the source is impossible if you don’t use the feature that Chrome labs offer.

The future of the Chrome

Many prominent people think that the Chrome will lose its influence due to the rise of other browsers. I don’t believe that this will happen. Chrome is well-known for its labs where hundreds of features get available to anyone who wants to experiment with them. Those features allow individuals to change the Chrome and make it look like nothing you ever have seen before. And this is why it will stay the primary choice when it comes to browsers.