Porsche Uses Augmented Reality To Improve Technical Services

Porsche has been known as one of the car manufacturers that experiments with new technologies and brings its customers exciting gadgets they can use. This is why it is so refreshing when the company announced a new Porsche (even though it looks the same as previous one, and one before that and so on).

The number of gadgets the company comes up with isn’t high, but every tech they incorporate is something interesting, and that keeps people interested in them. The latest technology they introduced comes from the cooperation with Atheer AiR, a company that works on augmented reality for industrial enterprises.

The augmented reality – Porsche first to implement it

As you know, augmented reality is similar to virtual reality. The significant difference between these two is that the VR represents the virtual world, while AR mixes it with the real world. An example of the AR is the game Pokémon Go. The game was far from a perfect AR, but everyone knows it, and that makes it an excellent example.

AR advanced a lot since the game and companies like Atheer AiR pushed the tech beyond anything you know. Their focus lies in the development of AR for industrial companies, and their progress is astonishing. Porsche is the first car manufacturer that uses AR, and everyone is excited and waiting for official info from users.

Tech Live Look – A new way to look at the car

Tech Live LookThis new tech works with the help of AiR and some simple, smart glasses. The tech features high-resolution and came that automatically focuses on details the user wants to check. It also has a sharp LED which allows the user to check poorly lit areas of the car. The system is so robust that it can show you the threading on screws.

This tech will allow the technical support team to check the car and see whether there is something wrong with it even though they are several thousand miles away due to video conferencing abilities of the gear. It will also allow an individual to check every single detail of the car they want to buy.