Electricity Is The Future – Crude Fuels Are The Present

It’s safe to say that the electricity will become the primary fuel of the future. Tesla is the pioneer in replacement of crude fuels for transport. Their first gigafactory is already producing lithium batteries that power up their vehicles. It is evident that electricity will become the primary fuel for all aspects of the life, not only transport.

If electricity is the future, then the present still relies on crude fuels like oil and gas. There is a limited amount of these two in the earth and (according to scientists) we are tapping into final reserves of both. This, however, isn’t true in the real sense as there is still some oil and gas, but we aren’t capable of its detection.

Detection of crude oils and their extraction

Crude OilDiscovery of the crude oil should be the focus of the modern society as the Earth still has something to give. Transition to the electricity can’t happen overnight, and thus we still need both oil and gas.

The problem that companies face is the depletion of the detectable raw fuel reservoirs. But, the scientific community found a way to detect what was once invisible on scanners. The tech that will make the detection possible is known as Geophysical imaging.

This technology allows for detection of oil and gas reservoirs that are below the three thousand meters (something that wasn’t possible until now). It also makes it possible to detect said reservoirs that lie below thick layers of salt and complex rock structures.

Technology that will allow for extraction of oil and gas from said reservoirs exists, so the future is safe. The only issue is whether there is enough fuel in the Earth for the full transition to the electricity. We are still half a century or so away from the entire electric lifestyle, and we should hope that there won’t be any problems during the transition.