Shell – Embracing The electric Future

Shell is a well-known petrol station company that has stations all over the world. They are known as a reliable source of all kinds of fuel. They are also the first enterprise of its kind to embrace the idea of electric vehicles.

Shell realized that an increasing number of electric vehicles would hurt their business in the long run as there will be fewer petrol cars. And they also realized that the need for electric charging stations would increase. This is why they chose to enter the electric charging industry.

Fast-charging electric stations are here

Shell chose to cooperate with Ionity which is a company that has the backing of many large carmakers. Ionity provides locations for charging electric vehicles all across the world, and this deal with Shell will only increase their presence on the market. The agreement includes eighty big Shell stations. They will get upgrades that will allow them to charge electric vehicles.

Everything started with Ionity being formed by BMW, Porsche, and several other prominent carmakers. They decided to create a network of chargers (350kW) all across Europe. The “conglomerate” also joined forces with several prominent companies to place chargers at their petrol stations. Shell also accepted to become the part of this venture with 80 of their stations. They left the possibility of increasing the number of stations that will have electric chargers shortly.

Will this venture succeed?

Electric CarNow, everyone wonders whether this venture will succeed or fail. My strong belief is that this will be the start of the much-larger network that will cover Europe in the beginning, and the world in the end.

My confidence comes from that fact that the majority of electric cars at the moment can get a full charge at one of those stations in less than ten minutes. Even the long-range vehicles from Tesla don’t need more than a half an hour to recharge their batteries (in their case it means more than 200 miles).

Shell will probably increase the number of the stations that have these chargers in the future. Other oil companies will also follow them because the future of the automotive industry lies in electric energy. Any company that fails to realize that will meet its end in twenty or thirty years. Shell foresaw that, and they are working on transferring their source of income from petrol to electricity.